Mint Marks

Mint marks explained

When looking at the coin, you may find a set of initials. These are defined below.

Mint mark Years Name
CS 1869-1893 Diderik Christian Andreas Svendsen
VBP or P 1893-1918 Vilhelm Burchard Pooulsen
HCN 1919-1927 Hans Christian Nielsen
N 1927-1955 Niels Peter Nielsen
C 1956-1971 Alfred Kristian Frederik Christiansen
S 1971-1978 Vagn Sørensen
B 1978-1981 Peter M. Bjarnø
R or NR 1982-1989 Niles Nørregaars Rasmussen
LG 1989-2006 Laust Grove
2006- Hans Denkov